2013 Acies


2013-03-16 10.05.02

The Handbook of the Legion of Mary states, “Bearing in mind the importance of devotion to Mary in the Legion system, each year there shall be a consecration of legionaries to Our Lady. The consecration – which shall comprise both an individual and a collective consecration – will take place on the 25 March or on a day close thereto, and will be known as the Acies. This Latin word, meaning as it does an army ranged in battle array, is appropriate to a ceremony in which the legionaries as a body assemble to renew their fealty to Mary, Queen of the Legion, and from her to receive strength and blessing for yet another year’s battle with the forces of evil.”

With this same purpose and spirit, the members belonging to the various praesidia which make up Our Lady of Grace Comitium gathered on Saturday, March 16 at Our Lady, Queen of Peace Church in Lafayette. Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Jason Vidrine, Spiritual Director. Immediately after Mass, Legionaries individually and collectively re-consecrated themselves to Our Lady . With their left hand on the Vexilium, they prayerfully  repeated the words, ” I am all yours, my Queen, my Mother, and all that I have is yours.” Then they all gathered for the monthly Comitium meeting.


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